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With a unique energy, calm focus, and insightful approach, Pearl re-energises individuals and teams. Her unique method engages, inspires and empowers her clients to rediscover their self-belief, reignite confidence and transform beyond imposed limitations in all areas. Pearl consistently delivers tangible results on all life’s stages.

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Pearl provides the practical tools necessary to nurture happier & healthier workplace cultures. By empowering individuals to identify their true value, Pearl consistently achieves increased proactivity, productivity, and profitability. She creates space for management to step back, identify challenges and discover new strategies. Drawing on extensive wellbeing and performance training, Pearl equips leaders to reinstate workplace confidence, mental wellness and corporate values during transition.

Life Coach
On a 121 basis, Pearl has positively affected thousands of lives. Her sensitivity, patience, and energy are the perfect recipe for reconnecting with the joy and energy required for a fulfilled life.

Public Speaking & Presentations
Whether speaking at a conference, providing feedback or pitching an idea, Pearl coaches individuals at all levels of professional development. Her honed techniques, release clients from fear, ensuring focused, influential and confident communication.

Through a unique fusion of wellness and personal development, Pearl helps women to hold onto their voice, their power and reach their potential with renewed assertiveness and confidence. Clients always leave energised.

Harnessing her 30 years of professional performance and previous role as President of the Professional Speaking Association, London, Pearl brings a wealth of expertise to the stage. Her bespoke talks are dynamic, inspirational and full of energy and movement.

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Pearl has given me the confidence and tools to explore how my strengths and personality can be employed with different audiences. These sessions have been very enjoyable and a fascinating approach to holding peoples interest and attention during public speaking.“~ Miranda Housden, Regional Director London and South East England, Institution of Civil Engineers