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Hi, I’m Pearl Jordan


I joyfully guide women who are in transition and feeling confused about who they are and what they want, to lightly dance into the next phase of life feeling confident, energised and fully connected to the rhythm of their own soul.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
Vivian Greene – Author, Motivational Speaker

I first heard this quote during one of those times in life when everything felt like an uphill slog.  

You know, those times when your confidence is off hiding in the wings somewhere, you can’t muster the energy to give your best performance at work (or anywhere in your life really) and in the rare quiet moments you get between work, family and life, you secretly admit you’re not actually sure who “you” is anymore.  

But that quote helped me realise the most amazing thing…

Yes, I was feeling uncertain, uncomfortable and confused about how to make order out of the chaos, but somehow, even though I couldn’t see it straight away…

This time was a gift.

What I know now, having been through it myself and having helped hundreds of women through it too, is that this time of turmoil is actually a time of transition. But more than that, it is a moment of incredible transformation! 

If you’re there right now, know that you’re in the chrysalis, and it’s an extraordinary place to be. 

Because you are forging the next evolution of YOU. 

A person who is stronger, wiser, braver, more confident, more self-assured, more joyful, and more in touch with who they are and what it means to truly dance to their own tune and not everyone else’s.  

Exciting huh!

True, you may not feel that excited right now because you can’t see past the storm and haven’t a clue how to dance in the rain.

But that’s something I can help you with.


Using the Rhythmic Remedy® movement inspired approach to coach beyond the spoken word

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