swirl Pearl Jordan & Associates, The Wellbeing & Performance Specialists
My time with Pearl has been TRANSFORMATIONAL, she has taken me on a journey where I have tapped into skills I forgot I had and looked at the skills I currently use from a different angle. Realising the significance of my skills has equipped me with the tools (and confidence) to take my business and I forward. She has helped me to see past what others expected I should be doing and go for what I really want to do. Understanding and owning my power as an empowerment specialist was a ground breaking moment and I have not looked back since. I am now stepping into my life and loving it
Vicki Igbokwe
Uchenna Dance
Pearl, it was AMAZING! Truly, I don’t have words for how powerful the experience was. Personally, I felt that you helped me to integrate the whole experience of the retreat through dance and I was left feeling SO clear and energised afterwards. (That final song! It released SO much). You are complete MAGIC!!!
Nicola Humber
Author and Founder of The Unbound Press
Pearl Jordan gets to the heart of the matters so quickly. She is an instinctive coach, actively listening and proving to have an uncanny knack at what obstacles lurk, where experiences play their part, and how best to resolve repeated patterns. Pearl combines an eclectic bunch of skills with such subtlety and grace that it’s easy to think you’re just having a chat with her. Her natural empathy, deep intelligence and incisive approach produce surprising conclusions. I felt restored, inspired, encouraged and supported in career and personal decisions to be made. I recommend her to the hilt.
Maire Clerkin
Voice Actor, Writer, Performer, Teacher