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The Coaching Dance to Wellness on the AC Podcast Channel

What a joy and honour it was to share my story with Maxine Bell, creator of The Association for Coaching Podcast Channel. 

I loved having this conversation because Maxine is such a generous interviewer and made it so easy for me to put ‘me’ and The Rhythmic Remedy® into context for a wider audience. And to be able to share how movement and dance plays a role in the coaching experience, what more could I ask for…?

I hope my story inspires others to keep on going with tenacity and resilience despite the obstacles and challenges of life.  Based on the responses I received, I know it already has!


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So pure, raw, and just beautifully authentic!” Hurry up with that book! I’m first!

Well-being and Wellness, a Mind-Body Approach to Healthy Living

If ever there was a time for more well-being and wellness conversations, it was during the Pandemic. Here I presented Body-Wise, a Mind-Body Approach to Healthy Living, as part of the Healing Our Earth Global Series, speaking on the mind-body connection and how different people deal with anxiety differently.

Understanding the mind-body connection helps at so many levels with health and well-being, in identifying the different symptoms of anxiety brewing underneath and thinking about what can be done about it.

‘Dance feeds my soul’ Pearl Jordan shares the Rhythmic Remedy® story

From a very early age I loved to dance to the rhythmic beat of music. I felt alive with tingles, joy and energy! When I felt depressed, I watched the musical West Side Story, sometimes skipping straight to the dance numbers, knowing that by the end, I would feel great and wonder what I was depressed about in the first place.

When I trained within the Complementary Health field, I felt the same West Side Story tingles. I had found another passion – a new way of tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of life. When I shared my complementary expertise, helping clients to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and take charge of ‘their own rhythm’, I again witnessed profound change, and I knew I had hit on something very powerful. TRANSFORMATION.

But and there is a hugeBUT‘… along the way, I decided to let go of dance.

I made the decision to move away from the career I had built over decades.

I was in a new cycle of my life (and in full flow of the perimenopause) and I wanted to know what newness this new cycle could bring.

What I wasn’t expecting however was the sadness and depression that followed. A year of listlessness, apathy and feeling completely lost.

Thankfully, with professional support from my homeopath and coach, I was able to see this for what it was. A time of transition, grief for what was, and the biggest ‘aha’ of all, was the fact that DANCE FEEDS MY SOUL.

I had effectively let go of my soul food!

Once this was clear, I deep-dived and explored how I could reintroduce movement and dance into my life and create a partnership between the old and the new. 

And that’s when innovation kicked in and the Rhythmic Remedy® was born.

I was able to reframe my extensive dance experiences and use the vocabulary of dance in a way that allowed me to create conditions for transformation. Wow…

I have the ability to transform the negative into the positive, sadness into happiness, confusion into clarity through a unique combination of movement, dance, performance, coaching, complementary health and wellbeing: a unique fusion that brings personal and professional positive change in all areas. Well, I never!

To you the reader, should you be offbeat in any way, I wish you a quick step into finding your rhythm and I invite you to discover the Rhythmic Remedy® by Getting In Touch NOW!