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Early Morning Bird Song – A unified voice of individuality


Early Morning Bird Song –  A unified voice of individuality

It’s an early spring morning, the rest of the world is asleep and I head towards my alter to close my night’s dreams and to welcome the new day. But then I think, why not the garden…? Great idea. So I grab a cushion, shawl and a clock, because I know me, I could be in this space of mindful meditation for hours, completely losing a sense of time. 

“But why even worry about time Pearl, we are in lock down remember….?” The voice of wisdom states…

All the same, I grab the clock. 

So I sit, absorbing the silence, aware of the changes in light as the sun rises in the distance, a light, white glow, coming through a billowing of white silvery grey cotton clouds growing in depth and rolling towards me. Oh I am in heaven!

I think to the morning before. On that day I chose to bring my chair on the grass, taking my shoes off and allowing for my bare feet to feel the cold damp of the morning dew. It’s time to earth. I am so impressed with myself that I have even remembered that this is a great way to ground and boy, do I need grounding. Sometimes I think I am more ‘up there’ then ‘down here’.  Oh, what an experience. What a gift… Me, myself and I tuning into the Earth literally and figuratively. What a great mindful start to the day….

But back to the moment with the clock….

I sit in awe of nature, so thankful for my garden, giving thanks to the oak tree for showering me with green greatness and apologising for having a good old moan every autumn as the leaves fall and I have to sweep up for weeks. “I promise to be good to you all year round as you are to me….” she says….

Suddenly I hear a flap. I look up and a pigeon has announced itself, flap, as it flies overhead. It occurs to me that I’ve never heard that flap before. 

And then something changes…All of a sudden I become super sensitive to the birds and the morning song…  It’s as if each bird is singing unapologetically. Each fearless in voicing its voice, celebrating its unique tune.  A cacophony of ‘’Good morning. I am alive and singing! It’s a new dawn and together, we make music despite our differences”.


Small birds, big birds, white winged birds, green birds, flapping birds, gliding and dancing on the breeze birds. The beauty of harmony in its truest form – Vocal Individuality Unified!

Tuning in it occurred to me that some birds had more solo moments, singing out, rising above the chorus moments– Parakeets go!  And yet… the harmony remained. 

Somehow, through the law of the birds they appeared to know when to sing up, take it in turns, to step back, to support and even to mellow to an almost silence before rising in voice again.

 It was a morning glory of blissful song. I felt so blessed and in awe.  Gosh, it occurred to me, I have been honoured and truly gifted this morning. 

And so to the message…

Let’s all live life as if in bird song, 

Singing our hearts out, celebrating our individuality, 

Unified in our uniqueness’

Coming together even though separate.

Allowing your voice to rise and fall.

Knowing when to take centre stage and when to support as ensemble, 

when to take the spotlight and when to allow the same for others.

There is power in this unified voice of individuality, inclusivity, generosity, togetherness and acceptance.

Oh morning song, morning song, the glory of YOU, morning bird song…

Pearl Jordan

13th April 2020

*photo courtesy of: Rodolfo Clix