Public speaking – The Authentic you – Present without Pretence

Whether you’re speaking at a conference, feeding back to your team, negotiating a pay rise or pitching a project or idea, it matters that you bring clarity of mind, a clear intention and ultimately your authentic self.

Show up with all parts of you – the quirks, the talents, the strengths, the vulnerabilities and the messages that matter to you, weave those together and you create a powerful, unique and unforgettable presentation that will move your audience (and leave you on a high)!

“Pearl has given me the confidence and tools to explore how my strengths and personality can be employed with different audiences.These sessions have been very enjoyable and a fascinating approach to holding people’s interest and attention during public speaking”

Neera Dholakia General Practitioner” Miranda Housden, Regional Director London and South East England, Institution of Civil Engineers

At Pearl Jordan & Associates we offer a highly personalised, one-to-one performance coaching service. Through our signature Rhythmic Remedy Technique™, we simultaneously consider your performance challenges alongside any wellbeing obstacles.

This method of working is unique to us and rapidly frees our clients from fears around public speaking, peer to peer communication, presentations, and performance related anxiety as a whole.

With more than 35 years’ experience within the Performance industry, and having orchestrated events at Wembley Arena, The Royal Festival Hall and HMV Apollo Theatre to name a few, Pearl has helped hundreds of people to embrace their strengths, re-energise and deliver more confident and engaging performances and presentations.

“I now feel more confident and empowered! Pearl’s approach is engaging.
I was so encouraged that I presented with absolute presence!”

Neera Dholakia General Practitioner

In addition to the highly effective 1-2-1 sessions, Pearl also provides public speaking coaching and presentation skills for groups and teams.

We work with HR teams across all sectors, from Corporate to non-profit organisations. Our focussed work helps their speakers and trainers better POSITION their presentations, to ENGAGE their audience and COMMUNICATE effectively.

For more information regarding this tried and tested approach to public speaking, presentation and communication skills, please get in touch. We look forward to exploring how we can help you.


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