Pearl Jordan on the Fear of Public Speaking

“Is it possible there could be so much change after only one session?” 

The proof was in the pudding. 

After one session on public speaking this client had moved from being comfortable in only small group speaking situations to addressing a larger group with surprising ease, despite the fears niggling inside.

“How is it possible?” she asked again.

The thing is, fear of public speaking is huge. Pre-pandemic it was higher up the list of fears than death. It’s scary because we have a focus on the outside looking in, mainly seeking outside approval. There’s a huge market on the do’s and don’ts with a plethora of rules, some count, some don’t. And contexts vary incredibly from those who are on stage to the woman in a meeting too scared to speak up.

So why the quick change?

As you’re on this website, I’m guessing you’re aware that having you live life in truth is my driver, my number one value, or motto even. 

The reason why the quick change is that this too drives my public speaking methods. 

Pearl Jordan helps you to get back to your truth.

You begin to tune into your ‘bigger picture’, what’s important to you, and why you wish to share.

You release the truth of your authentic voice.  

Begin to trust your unique expression.

You return to a place of happiness and the joys of sharing that beautiful, benevolent voice of yours.

Then as if by magic, your previous limiting beliefs start to dissipate and you find yourself in a space of complete vocal courage. 

Enough to feel the fears, (now of a healthier kind), and do it anyway.

Your voice. Your way.

Fear of public speaking? What’s that? ☺