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18th October – Happy Menopause Day!

How are you? How is life treating you? 

I mean it when I say, ‘how are you?’ it’s good to get a sense of you, as well as you, of me.

And speaking of how life is treating you? Here is a glorious rhythm…

Wednesday 18th of October – “Happy Menopause Day!!” Shout from the rooftops, throw off your bra and sing, “Me – no – Pause! Me Move to my Menopausal Beat!”

Lol! Sometimes Pearl you are so over the top! ☺

The month of October is a committed season to the Menopause. Whether you’ve been there, are on your way towards, as in the perimenopause (anytime from your late 30’s), or perhaps you are going through ‘the change’ of life now.

Depending on your culture, the stories you’ve been sold, you may either be celebrating, cringing, or not be bothered either way. The subject of the Menopause can challenge you in so many ways.

I, for one have been there and done it. I was SO relieved to be free from periods. That was the most important thing to me. My relationship with my monthly cycles hadn’t been the best.

The person I am today however, more informed and with deeper ‘Crone’ wisdom, I celebrate all things to do with my womb – my creative POWERHOUSE! And I am passionate about helping women to do the same. 

‘Move to Your Menopausal Beat’ a one-day event I created a few years ago is calling. It is time to start that ‘movement’ once again. 

Let me share a recent story…grab a cuppa… 

From Moringa to the Menopause

Recently at a trendy market, a woman selling Moringa tea was laughing at my over exaggerated yuk response to the tea. Nothing personal, I just dislike Moringa! 

Somehow the menopause became part of the conversation. “Well, you know what the menopause is about truly, don’t you?” said I. “No…?” said she….and before you know it, out it came, like a sermon on the mount…

“You / we women are made to focus on all the physical and mental-emotional discomforts that show up with the menopause. BUT the most important information to remember is that the menopause is about the REBIRTH of you. It is your opportunity to rethink your truth. What’s important to you?  Who are you today? Because prior to the menopause, for certain a woman will have spent her life nurturing and nourishing others.  

The Menopause, hormonal changes and shifting, represent your truth. 

There is no ‘lying’ and avoiding when hormones kick in.  

I learnt this whilst training to become a Homeopath. I have experienced the evidence confirming this personally, and professionally whilst working with women.

For example, if you found yourself feeling angry before or during your period, the question to ask, ‘where have I been suppressing this anger?’ 

If you found yourself needing to eat lots of chocolate or sweet stuff, the question is ‘where is ‘sweetness’ lacking in my life? 

Got it…? 

Hormonal shifts bring a check and change to what is and is not working.

Opportunity to get you back on the truth track.The body in its wisdom never lies, she only wants what’s best for you and the Menopause is a heightened version of this.

And one more thing.

The sermon continued… now like Moses opening the Red Sea…

The cycle of Periods end. Although please note, you can experience one final blast or trickle a whole year or so later. And with this ending, women can experience grief. Grief around the idea of no longer being able to create, to give birth. 

But what about the birth of you? Is that it, your creative centre purely for giving birth? 

Good news, your creative centre has more work to do. It doesn’t die. All that creative energy becomes YOURS to do with as you please, for YOU! Your self-creation, self-nurture, and nourishment. YOUR TIME! A well-deserved self-indulgence, at last. 

There is the ultimate gift. Welcome and embrace this natural process of life, it is the best gift you can give to yourself!

Sermon over.

Well, she, the Moringa woman, didn’t see that coming. Neither did I… but the joy of witnessing her eyes lighting up with aha moments, waking to new ways of thinking, was very satisfying. 

Job well done.

She was inspired, had many questions. She even forgot she was supposed to be selling her tea! And I was inspired too. I had inspired myself into remembering the importance of sharing this information. And that is when my aha showed up – ‘Move to your Menopausal Beat’. It is time. There is so much to be said and explored. 

The re-education of women is imperative, there is so much we don’t know. It’s incredible that we can know so little about our body’s.  

How can we make informed decisions about our care, health and wellbeing, if we are so in the dark and uninformed?

Both sides of the story need to unfold, the clinical and the ‘broader picture’.

And so, in the not-too-distant future, I commit to providing a platform for woman to explore it all.

If of interest, no commitment, please DM and I’ll keep you posted.

It great that we have an official day to honour the Menopause. Let’s also honour the fact that this is an ever-changing season that impacts a woman’s life for decades.

3 Recommended Resources


My Body is my Temple. These are the words that came as I was writing my book and exploring symptoms that were showing up. Here it is in audio form.  Enjoy! 


I highly recommend the following book Menopause Wisdoms – Women’s stories of Becoming Crone by Brier Heart. It is full of real-life stories, very insightful and highlights the varied and unique experiences of women. You might choose to go to the chapter named ‘Pearl’ ☺ where I share the not-so-great learnings I learnt as a woman about my womanhood.


There are many studies that highlight the benefits of dance and the menopause. But who need studies, it’s joyful, releases Dopamine the happy hormone, improves co-ordination, body composition, postural strength and brings you energy….So Dance!