Transformational Life Coaching

Feeling stuck in life isn’t a sign you’ve lost your way it’s an invitation to step into something bigger. Pearl Jordan.

It’s an opportunity to release the burdens weighing you down, so you can move forward with grace, purpose and joy.

It’s a sign that it’s time to reconnect to the woman within who is powerful, brave, and feels free to dance through life to the beat of her own drum (I promise, she IS in there!)

BUT… you’re probably reading this and thinking, “That all sounds great, but right now I’m not really sure who I am or what I want out of life!” 

And if that is you, let me reassure you that you’re not alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have been in your shoes. Just like them, you might be noticing that right now:

  • You have lost confidence at work and are doubting the value you bring
  • You are constantly busy – engrossed in your family or social life or taking on yet another project – and rarely have time to yourself (which means you don’t have time to deal with above questions of “Who am I?” and “What am I doing with my life?”)
  • You feel like you’re always apologising – for your decisions, for your faults, for yourself – and it’s making you want to retreat and hide and wonder whether you’ll ever be “good enough”
  • You feel out of step with changes happening in your life – at work, at home or even in your body – and don’t know how or what to feel about it all, let alone how to move forward

If you are in that confused place right now, and you’re not sure how you arrived there, or how to get out of it, there are a few things I really want you to know:

You’re not going crazy. 

You’re not alone in what you’re feeling.

Your life isn’t falling apart. 

And you won’t be in this place forever. 

You’re just in a Time of Transition. 

Yes, things are shifting around you and within you, but the good news is, no matter how big or small the changes may be, this time of transition is actually a magical phase of TRANSFORMATION

Out of your confusion will come clarity…

From self-doubt will emerge boldness, determination and motivation. And out of the feeling of isolation will come the greatest sense of connection with yourself you’ve ever experienced.

If, that is, you can see this time of transition as a powerful phase of creation. A time where you can choose to come out the other side a woman who truly leads-her-ship with grace, energy, power and passion. A woman who feels like she is truly in flow and dancing with life, not fearfully fighting against it. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what life can be like when you engage this energy of transformation. You will:

  • Be flooded with inspired ideas that can help you move your business or work life forward with ease
  • Feel energised and motivated (that’s what happens when you get inspired!)
  • Be able to hear your inner voice, and trust it will guide you to the right decisions for YOU
  • Reconnect with your unique inner rhythm, so you can once again feel at home in your body, and in your life
  • Give yourself permission to be 100% you and finally embrace ALL of your strengths, talents – and quirks
  • Stop putting everyone else’s needs before yours and start asking for what YOU want
  • Experience the opportunities (and fun synchronicities!) that are a natural result of being in flow with life
  • Feel your heart open, as you let go of past mistakes and hurts and choose to live in the glorious present

Discover The Rhythmic Remedy™ Technique…

If you are ready to get a grip on the changes happening in your life, if you’re ready to sort through your emotions and discover how you really feel and what you really want, and use that knowledge to actively emerge from this time of change as the brave, bold woman I know you ARE inside, then I’d love to invite you to discover the Rhythmic Remedy™ Technique. 

A multi-disciplined and holistic approach that simultaneously works on your mind, body and emotions, the Rhythmic Remedy™ Technique can help you see the past in a new empowering light, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and embrace more fully what does, so that you can begin to see everything that has happened to you – the good and the bad – as a collection of steps that have created the unique choreography of your life.

Whether it’s in my 1-2-1 coaching programmes, group workshops or speaking events, this process forms the heart of my work, which is to awaken your heart, so that you can once again remember who YOU are. 

If you’re ready to let your heart lead you to a life that makes you feel alive (because it always knows the way) then take a look at the ways we can work together here…
“Pearl’s multi-disciplinary approach offered me more than one method of dealing with my problem. She’s a great listener and offers valuable insight as to what may lie at the root, or proposes a new way to look at the situation. My problems were physical, emotional and psychological, and Pearl was able to work in all these areas. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”  M.S

Working with Women

Pearl specialises in empowering women, working tirelessly to help them reach their potential through a unique fusion of wellness and personal development.

“Pearl Jordan gets to the heart of the matters so quickly. Pearl combines an eclectic bunch of skills with such subtlety and grace that it’s easy to think you’re just having a chat with her. Her natural empathy, deep intelligence and incisive approach produce surprising conclusions. I felt restored, inspired, encouraged and supported in career and personal decisions to be made. I recommend her to the hilt.”

 Maire Clerkin, Voice Actor, Writer,Performer, Teacher

Pearl maintains a core focus on purposeful women and female leaders who want to make a difference in the world. She has worked with business owners, female entrepreneurs, CEO’s of leading organisations and of course female leaders in their own personal sphere.

Pearl is committed to empowering women to be assertive, be confident and be heard. Her approach helps women to rebalance, refocus and re-energise their lives. Pearl works closely with her clients to enable them to take better care of their own health and wellbeing, be true to who they are and to take pride in being strong and independent. Clients always leave energised and inspired.

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