Public speaking – The Authentic you – Present without Pretence

Pearl talks on The Rhythm of Life, using her true stories to engage with the audience, helping them remember who they really are and to perform their best in all areas of life.

Through her own unique combination of dance, movement, story and message, she engages her audience’s mind, touches their heart and gets them to remember in the moment who they really are.

“One of the most profound talks I have heard in a long time… Here’s a lady with ultimate passion, really knows her stuff, there is a message, a story behind the story. Don’t just look at it as a dance. It’s more than a dance. You need to book this lady! Book Pearl NOW, she will rock your world .”
Mike Handcock, Rock Your Life Quantum Business Expert, Globally Certified Speaking Professional
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Fear of Public Speaking – What’s That?

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking.

  • Do you shrink at the thought of presentations and public speaking?
  • Would you do anything to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?
  • Does the thought of public speaking cause your palms to sweat or your voice to quiver?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Pearl Jordan & Associates we help you to embrace your quirks, your strengths, and the messages that matter to you.

Your Voice Your Way!

Whether you’re speaking at a conference, feeding back to your team, negotiating a pay rise or pitching a project or idea, it matters that you bring clarity of mind, a clear intention and ultimately your authentic self and speak your voice, your way, with confidence and clarity every time.

It’s time to be true to you and present without pretence.

“Pearl has given me the confidence and tools to explore how my strengths and personality can be employed with different audiences.”
Miranda Housden, Regional Director London and South East England, Institution of Civil Engineers

The Rhythmic Remedy® is the culmination of years of professional training and experience alongside Pearl’s unique set of intuitive gifts and talents.

Pearl has a passion and fire within that burns brighter and stronger with every coaching session, workshop, training or speaking event she delivers.


Using the Rhythmic Remedy® movement inspired approach to coach beyond the spoken word

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Speaking joyfully and in the moment with a confidence and clarity that will leave you on a high!


Helping you to thrive and get moving with your life

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A Suite of Self-Empowerment Programmes…With a Twist! Coming Soon!