The Magic of Joy – Accessing Your Core of Joy

In March 2023, Pearl Jordan was invited to co-facilitate a session called The Magic of Joy – accessing your core of joy, which is always part of you, even when things don’t feel okay.

It was a wonderfully received session and extra joyful for Pearl as she delivered the talk with her very dear friend, Masana De Souza.

They explored many themes, including:

  • Joy as your birthright 
  • Joy and the essence of you
  • Joy stealers such as fears, and how they pull you away
  • The Drama of Life is accurate
  • There are little gifts of joy 24/7  
  • The dark night of the soul
  • How do you re-emerge into the Light
  • Choice – You always have a choice, what thoughts do you choose to focus on?

And of course, Pearl used music and movement to inspire a holistic release of joy in mind, body and soul, starting with a favourite quote:

‘The sole aim of movement should be joy and flowing energy.

Movement makes energy start to flow.

Flowing energy loosens blockages in the body, head and heart.

Loosened blockages release joy and strength.

Released joy helps us to stay healthy or get healthy – throughout body, mind and soul.

Stiffening is the basis of death, movement the basis of life

Taken from the book, Moon Time, by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe.

With simple prompts the room suddenly became full of joy and playfulness and through this physical release, deep and insightful conversations were to be had. Love it!

They also shared stories. 

And Pearl shared hers, through a chapter of her soon to be published book.

This was the first time Pearl had shared any of her writing in a public domain.

Here is an excerpt for you to enjoy:

Today I danced with the smell of fear

Today I allowed myself (very much unwillingly) to go to a space of such deep-rooted fear, resistance and ugliness, such darkness that I thought I might combust if I dared…

That’s if I dared…

Tears streaming, blubbering, ugly cry tears, a cascading flow of childhood fears, anger, unworthiness, undeserving, unlovable tears.

Dare I? Don’t I? Go there?

Dare I? Don’t I show up here?

Uncontrollable, a force so strong, gut wretched, twisted, and mangled, can I? Can I dare..?

Every pore releasing from roots deep within my soul womb.

Stomach cramping, my body revolting, a reminder of my youthful monthly cycle tears…

Old parts shedding,


The past releasing


Rotten, unrecognisable fears… 

Dancing a tango so closely, at one with the smell of… death, it feels so…

I don’t think I will survive.

Useless, waste of space, who am I kidding, dark, dark despair.

I hear a glutaral cry rooted as if from depths of the earth.

Gravel sobbing

And then….

And then… Sunset.

As if by magic, the most beautiful sunset ever seen in Willesden Green.

I stop, squint and stare through a haze of tears, perplexed at its wonder, it’s drawing me hypnotically near…

© Pearl Jordan 2023

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