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What is the Rhythmic Remedy Technique

Rhythmic Remedy

What is the Rhythmic Remedy Technique™?

The Rhythmic Remedy Technique™ is a multi-disciplined, holistic approach to personal and professional development that simultaneously works on your mind, body and emotions.

Giving your best performance requires an inside-out approach. In dance we refer to this as ‘dancing from the gut’. It’s the understanding that your personal wellbeing and true sense of self leads you to a place where you will inspire, engage and produce performances worthy of centre stage.

The Rhythmic Remedy Technique™ helps you to see the past in a new, empowering light, to let go of what doesn’t serve you and embrace fully what does.

It’s an inside out process, that really works. Inspired by Pearl’s background in movement, this signature style infuses all areas of her work. The technique has been honed over several decades into a highly effective way of working which ensures the best results for her clients. Pearl efficiently address her clients’ underlying thoughts and feelings around perceived obstacles.

Whether it’s through 1-2-1 coaching programmes, movement inspired workshops, or our speaking events, we provide practical and creative tools that enable you to find your rhythm, and move forward with renewed vitality, clarity and intent.

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